Lydia Neff

Co-founder / Executive Director

Lydia Neff is Divine. Naming the entity after her second name being that all things divine create ways to success. Lydia is an Accomplished Marketing and Project Management Professional with a track record o f creating and executing successful marketing and communication campaigns/project, identifying needs to consistently exceed marketing objectives. With over 15 years of experience, Lydia stays up-to-date with constantly evolving technologies in integrated marketing, content creation, strategic communications and demonstrated skills in establishing relationships as she collaborates within teams and stakeholders to drive results on innovative and effective initiatives. Learn more about her at

Mike Co

Founding Member

A Front-end Web Designer/Developer with over 11 years of experience working for various companies over the extent of hiscareer. Mike specializes in front-end web design and development with experience in technologies such as HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Sass, Wordpress, and PHP. He Co-founded previous Divine Creative Studios' entity name, Pixelfront Studios and has worked in tandem with Lydia to build marketing websites for organizations like Coca-Cola, DiscussUC, STRIA wall creations, etc.  Learn more about Mike at

Marc Racho

Founding Member

Founding member, Marc was Coder first, designer second. I love web technology! Most of his experience has been in front-end development - HTML5, CSS3, & jQuery. He continues to strengthen his skills in web design and is now a back-end development master. Learn more about him at

Emil Siapno

Photo / Video Producer

Emil is a San Francisco Bay Area native who has been in the photography and videography industry for over 15 years. He is a product of a creative itch that needed scratching since 2002 where his imaginative and artistic journey can be seen in his photo-journalistic approach in his work. He likes capturing the subtleties and emotions of his subject where even the mundane appear intentional may it be with models or with static objects. He believes in discovery, creativity and anything amazing can happen anywhere. He works closely with clients to create technical sounds pieces while maintaining original artistic vision. Learn more about Emil at

Stephanie Gancayco

Stylist / Content Creator

Stephanie Gancayco is a SF Bay Area-based designer, stylist, and content creator. With a background in fashion and knitwear design rooted in craft, Stephanie has 10+ years of experience in the apparel and footwear industries in product development, design, production, styling and creative direction. She's worked with leading designers such as Anna Sui and Vince Camuto, and her work has been featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, The IN Magazine, and on NBC Asian America. She's also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Hella Pinay, a digital magazine celebrating women of Filipina heritage, and collaborates with Indigenous women artisans in the Philippines to incorporate ancestral techniques and textiles into contemporary ready-to-wear with her brand HALIYA. Learn more about her at

Esther Amolong

Digital Marketing Strategist

Originally from southern California , Esther Amolong is a San Diego native who acquired her Bachelor’s in Communication from San Francisco State University. At young age she had been a devout server within the community, whether it would be volunteering or becoming a leader in a historical organization. Her knowledge of working with several organizations in the Bay Area has made her hone her skills in content creating and engagement through digital media. Esther joined Divine Creative Studios in hopes of learning more about the marketing industry and the business world. Initially an intern here at DCS, she has learned even more skills and tools to sharpen and widen her expertise. 

Jemm Magaling

Account Coordinator


Darren Garza

Events and Production Strategist

Darren GSD attitude has been a blessing to the DCS team. His work ethic enables him to execute multiple projects at the same time and has no fear facing challenges. Darren Garza is at his 4th year finishing engineering at San Francisco State University. He has extensive work experience working as a brand ambassador doing community outreach with community leaders and coordinating various events and projects. He's a great problem solver who has a creative idea on how to make things work when there are challenges. 

Julio Dizon

Creative Editor

It might seem strange that someone may get excited about how posters are designed, how photos are composed or how video clips are edited, but Julio Dizon's passion for all aspects of visual creativity has remained strong throughout his life. Julio was born and raised in the island of Guam, and eventually moved to the mainland to pursue his passions. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Seattle University. Julio has experience in brand management, print/digital design, website design, motion graphics, visual communication, social media, photo/video editing, and he has professionally worked with industry leaders such as Twitter, Pixar, Apple, Samsung, Verizon and AT&T. Working as the Creative Editor for Divine Creative Studio, he is excited to be able to collaborate with other businesses and turn their visions into reality. Julio also hopes that his experience working with Divine Creative Studio helps develop his skills and gives him the opportunity to learn more about his Filipino culture.

Ashley Acosta

Artist & Repertoire Coordinator

An SF Bay Area native, Ashley has been a part of the artist space for over 5 years as a dancer and musician with LIKHA-Pilipino Folk Ensemble and as a student with House of Gongs. With a degree in Political Science from Santa Clara University, she has developed her skill set in the administrative and community engagement realms. Her solid work ethic coupled with her passion for cultural art has allowed her to work with multiple artists and she is excited to further her experience with the DCS team.

Angela Magao

Events & Production Coordinator

Born and raised in Sacramento, Angela moved to San Francisco to pursue a career in the marketing industry and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of San Francisco. She has worked in community engagement and outreach during her time at USF, and gained marketing experience has an intern for a non- profit organization. With a background in sales, and customer service and experience, she hopes to develop her marketing skills and knowledge, learn more about her Filipino culture, and make an impact on the community with the DCS team.

Karl Catalon

Executive/Administrative Assistant

Karl is an Astronomer. He moved to California from the Philippines with his family. He finished a degree in Physics with concentration in Astronomy from the San Francisco State University. He began his journy with Filipinx-American community thruogh SFSU's Pilipino American Collegiate Endeavor (PACE) which opened doors for him to learn more about the community and culture. This sparked his love for Filipinox folk dance and began dancing with Parangal Dance Company. His consistent exposure to Filipinx culture led him to opportunities with Divine Creative Studio. Karl is the Mama Bear of the team working on administering office operations and look forward to be part of this fast growing team. 


Events Coordinator

Anthony Chiu

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